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Androgenetic alopecia, or common male pattern baldness (MPB), accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men. By the age of 35, two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss. 

Furthermore, by the age of 50 approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair.  Approximately 25% of men who suffer with male pattern baldness begin the painful process before they reach the age of 21. 

Contrary to societal belief, most men who suffer from male pattern baldness are extremely unhappy with their situation and would do anything to change it.  

Hair loss affects every aspect of the hair loss sufferer’s life. It affects interpersonal relationships as well as the professional lives of those suffering. It is not uncommon for men to change their career paths because of their hair loss

(Source: AmericanHairLoss.org)

A hair tattoo, or Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), is an innovative, solution that replicates the appearance of thicker, fuller head of hair. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is a medical, non-surgical, cosmetic tattoo. 

Scalp Micropigmentation provides two viable solutions to balding men: (1) The illusion of a close ‘buzz cut’ hairstyle on a bald head or (2) the procedure can add the appearance of thicker hair-density to a thinning head of hair. 

The procedure can also be used to define a more pronounced hair-line, conceal scars from hair transplantation, hide the visual impact of burns or even to treat hair loss through skin conditions, such as Alopecia. 

This affordable solution can also be used to enhance an existing hair restoration or provide an alternative to individuals who want a non-surgical treatment suitable for all types of hair loss.

Specially trained Master Estheticians at Micro Dot Studio apply a proprietary formula of pigment (ink) to the scalp with micro-fine needles in order to create thousands of tiny impressions, giving the illusion of a hair follicle. 

At Micro Dot Studio, we believe that Scalp Micropigmentation is the best solution in the world right now for male hair loss. Scalp Micropigmentation is a safe and natural-looking alternative for hair restoration.  Whatever you may call it – male pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, diffuse thinning – the bottom line is that you have lost or are losing your hair and you want to do something about it.  Micro Dot Studio is your best solution!

Scalp Micropigmentation has evolved considerably since its primitive versions first arrived on the scene in 2008.  The experienced professionals at Micro Dot Studio continually refine the best techniques, machines, needles and pigments in our relentless pursuit of a perfect solution for our clientele.  As a result, the Micro Dot Studio’s technique is regarded by most to be “BEST of STATE” and the most advanced form of scalp micropigmentation in existence right now.

What does this mean for you? When you come to Scalp Aesthetics, you can expect incredibly realistic results, less fading than is offered by any other company in the world, the widest choice of hairline styles from natural to edge-up, and the ultimate in client service and aftercare.

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Unlike other procedures that are prone to mistakes and poor results, Scalp Micropigmentation can be performed on all skin types and colors.  In contrast to other tattoos, the procedure does not penetrate the epidermal level of the skin as deeply, and the inks (or pigments) used in Scalp Micropigmentation are significantly less likely to color change over time.  

The advantages of this procedure are the quick and effective results and that the hairline can be adjusted and freshened up with ease at any desired time.  For most professionals, Scalp Micropigmentation is the perfect answer. 

The best part of a Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) with Micro Dot Studio procedure is that you can genuinely receive whatever desired outcome you desire.  No seriously; almost anything you want can be achieved. 

During your consultation, our tattoo experts will go over how dense you want your hair to appear, in addition to the desired darkness and overall look you are striving for as a final result.  Rest assured that our specialists will be honest and upfront with you regarding your wishes. 

Our mission is to professionally manage your expectations and give you desired results.  Honesty and integrity is the Micro Dot Studio promise. 

The Micro Dot Studio Technique is the answer you have been looking for!


At Micro Dot Studio, our Master Estheticians and SMP practitioners care at the highest level to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied.

In the unlikely event that you need an extra touch up or enhancement within your first year of treatment, pending evaluation and approval, Micro Dot Studio promises one free complementary session.

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The cost of Scalp Micropigmentation depends on a variety of factors, such as where you live, the type of clinic you choose, the treatment area required and how many treatments you want in order to achieve the best results possible.  An average hair tattoo focused on your hairline or crown area on average can cost between $1,500 and $2,500 while a full head can be up to $4,000 USD.

Finding a natural looking hairline is the most crucial aspect Scalp Micropigmentation.  The procedure is quite relaxing and time goes by quickly.  Most clients take between three to five sessions, with each session usually lasting approximately three hours each. Of note, while Scalp Micropigmentation is considered a permanent treatment, it can also be removed with a correctional procedure or laser treatment.

Although the procedure is relatively new, there is not much, if any, clear scientific data on whether people have suffered adverse side effects. Due to the two main health concerns with hair tattoos being (a) the cleanliness of needles and (b) the possibility of an allergic reaction to the ink used, many practitioners of the procedure perform a small patch test on an inconspicuous part of your scalp before performing the full treatment. Thus, there are no negatives to the Scalp Micropigmentation other than improved looks, boosted confidence and numerous ongoing compliments.

If you are considering risky options like Hair Restoration Surgery (HRS) or cheesy Hair Systems, please stop, take a moment of reflection, and consider this:  Do you really want a lifetime of worrying about how your transplants are looking and holding up?  Is being consumed with that daily stress something you are excited about?  Do you really want to be preoccupied wondering when you will need your next painful transplant?  Is that money well spent?  Are you looking forward to relying on temporary cover-ups that you glue-on your scalp or shake on to your head?  If not, then Scalp Micropigmentation offers a stylish, modern look without any of the drawbacks of these other options.